The biggest CLT producers in Central Europe

Article by Timber-Online | 19.02.2020 - 09:52

The majority of CLT producers are still located in Central Europe. In 2019, the three biggest cross-laminated timber producers had a total output of over 500,000 m³. The single biggest production site is located in Styria (yet).

Only three timber companies produced more than 100,000 m³ of CLT in 2019. Binderholz Bausysteme manufactured 220,000 m³ of CLT at its production sites in Unternberg/AT and Burgbernheim/DE. Stora Enso is in second place. Last year, the group produced 180,000 m³ at its Central European sites in Ybbs an der Donau and Bad St. Leonhard. KLH Massivholz ranks third with only one production site in Teufenbach-Katsch and an output of 130,000 m³ in 2019.

Data are taken from Timber-Online’s survey on production. You can find a more detailed analysis here.

In our Datacube, you can see the production sites growing (in number) since 2006.

Instructions: The size of the circle symbolizes the output of single production sites (according to research by Timber-Online). When clicking on one of the circles, you can see the production development and the address of the selected company below the interactive map. In order to compare companies, keep the shift button pressed and click on the desired production sites.

1 m³ = the company did not report figures