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The biggest glulam manufacturers

Update 2022/2023

In 2022, Austrian and German companies produced a total of 2.84 million m³ of glue-laminated timber, recording a 2% decrease in output year on year. Based on the target figures collected by the Holzkurier, glulam production should decrease by 1% in 2023, reaching a total of 2.81 million m³.

In 2022, the Hasslacher group remained Europe’s biggest glulam manufacturer with its four production sites in Germany and Austria and an output of 355,000 m³. Mayr-Melnhof Holz is in second place with 308,000 m³. Binderholz is the third biggest European glulam manufacturer with an output of 250,000 m³.

In our Datacube, you can see how the various production sites have been growing since 2006.

Instructions: The size of the circle symbolises the output of the single production sites (according to data gathered by Timber-Online). To compare companies, press and hold the shift key and click on the desired production sites. 1 m3 = the company did not provide details

Update 2021/2022

At a total of 2.9 million m³, glulam production in Austria and Germany remained nearly unchanged in 2021. Manufacturers in Germany reported a cumulated output of 1.29 million m³, which corresponds to a 2% decrease compared to 2020. In Austria, on the other hand, production output grew by 1.3%, reaching a total of 1.61 million m³. The main reason for the decrease in German production was the closure of the glulam production site Gropyus in Riechen.

In 2021, Hasslacher Group was by far the largest manufacturer of glulam in Europe, with production sites in Magdeburg and Kleinheubach in Germany as well as in Sachsenburg and Hermagor in Austria and a production volume of 410,000 m³. Compared to 2020, the Carinthian timber company increased its output by 10,000 m³ a year. Mayr-Melnhof Holz ranks second among Europe’s biggest manufacturers with 320,000 m³, followed by Binderholz with 255,000 m³.

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In our Datacube, you can see the various production sites grow since 2006.

Update 2020/2021

With a total of 2.91 million m³, Austrian and German glulam producers reported another record output in 2020 (this includes companies which reported their figures). According to Holzkurier’s research, the overall production volume will grow by another 5.2% and pass the 3-million-m³-mark for the first time ever (Holzkurier took over the 2020 figures of the companies which did not report their figures.). Last year, 1.59 million m³ of glulam were produced in Austria and 1.32 million m³ in Germany. This year, output is going to reach 1.68 million m³ and 1.37 million m³, respectively.

The biggest glulam production in Central Europe is that of Binderholz in Jenbach. Last year, the Tyrolean company produced 265,000 m³ at this site. This year, 300,000 m³ are the target. The second biggest glulam production site in the German-speaking area is operated by Hasslacher Group in Magdeburg, followed by Mosser Leimholz in Randegg.


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