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The biggest glulam producers

Article by Holzkurier (translated by Eva Guzely) | 01.10.2020 - 15:28

left: development of glulam production from 2008 to 2019, green: Austria, red: Germany; right: distribution of the glulam production according to countries, Austria: 1.56 million m³, Germany, 1.19 million m³; source: research by Holzkurier © Holzkurier

Austrian and German glulam producers reported an overall production volume of 2.75 million m³ for 2019 (this includes the companies which reported their figures for the table below). Glulam production thus increased by another 3.5% compared to 2018 (2.66 million m³). The record volume of 2.65 million m³ produced in 2013 was also beaten.

Last year, Austrian producers had a total output of 1.56 million m³, while 1.19 million m³ were produced in Germany. Compared to 2018, glulam production volumes grew by 2% and 4.6%, respectively, in Germany and Austria.

The biggest production sites

Binderholz’s site in Jenbach is by far the biggest single production site with an output of 260,000 m³ in 2019 and an increase of 10,000 m³ compared to 2018. The second biggest glulam production in the German-speaking countries is located in Magdeburg and has been part of the Hasslacher Group for only a few years. Since the takeover, the Carinthian timber company has already invested € 15 million in the site in order to increase flexibility rather than capacity. In 2019, Mosser of Randegg was again in third place. With a total of 180,000 m³, production decreased by 5,000 m³ year on year. According to the annual report, however, the company’s production was close to capacity.

New number one

With sites in Magdeburg and Kleinheubach in Germany as well as Sachsenburg and Hermagor in Austria and an output of 370,000 m³, the Hasslacher group was the biggest glulam producer in 2019, followed by Mayr-Melnhof Holz with four production sites as well (320,000 m³). In December 2018, the latter sold its site in Riechen/DE (annual capacity: 70,000 m³) to timber construction company Gropyus and lost the title “biggest European glulam producer” as a result. Binderholz ranks third with only one production site and an output of 260,000 m³.

Further growth planned

When looking at the companies’ target figures for this year, there seems to be no sign of the global corona pandemic and the resulting economic crisis. In 2020, Austrian and German producers plan to produce a total of 2.85 million m³ of glulam which is 3.4% more than in 2019. (Note: Holzkurier listed the 2019 figures of those companies which did not report any target figures for 2020.)

In 2020, the biggest year-on-year increases are going to be recorded by Newcomer ASTA Holzwerke (+25,000 m³) as well as Junginger-Naturholzwerk and Holzwerk Gebr. Schneider (+15,000 m³ each).

Glulam production Germany | 2019/target 2020
Company Site Production 2019 Target 2020 One-shift capacity Types of wood Adhesive Strength class Length List Joining Products/ services
Ante-Holz Bromskirchen 65,000 70,000 35,000 S/P/D MUF n/s 18 yes yes CE, PEFC, solid structural timber, Duo/Trio, CLT
ASTA Holzwerk Ziemetshausen 25,000 50,000 30,000 S/F PU GL24-32 18 yes yes solid structural timber, Duo/Trio, glulam, CNC joining
Holzwerke Bullinger Neuruppin 125,000 120,000 65,000 S/P/Sib. L MUF GL24-32 40 yes yes CNC joining, profiled ceiling elements
Burgbacher Holztechnologie Trossingen 2,500 2,500 2,500 S/L/D/O/A MUF/PRF GL24-30 18 yes yes curved/twisted construction elements from 50 cm, free forms, special construction elements, finger-jointed frames, special types of wood
Eugen Decker Morbach 100,000 100,000 n/s S/D/L/P MUF/PU GL24-28 16 n/s n/s CE, solid structural timber, Duo, CLT, PEFC, automated quality sorting
Derix-Gruppe Niederkrüchten, Westerkappeln 48,000 48,000 30,000 S/L MUF GL24-30 65 yes yes ceiling elements, CNC joining up to 75 m, CE, PEFC, Duo, wood-concrete composite, general finger jointing, block gluing
Feyler Sonnefeld 10,800 12,000 11,.000 S/L MUF GL24-30 46.5 yes yes on request F/P/D, special constructions, block gluing, renovation glulam
Holzbau Gröber Füramoos 10,700 10,000 10,000 S MUF GL24-30 45 yes yes special construction elements, CNC joining; part of Merkle Holz
Gropyus Richen 70,000 70,000 n/s n/s n/s GL24-28 32 n/s n/s ceiling elements, CE, PEFC
Grossmann Bau Rosenheim 10,000 10,000 n/s S/L MUF GL24-32 45 n/s yes wood-concrete composite, special constructions, block gluing, construction elements, arched beams, finger-jointed frame corners
Haas Fertigbau Falkenberg 18,000 20,000 n/s S MUF GL24-32 44 yes yes curved construction elements, block gluing, CNC joining, finger-jointed frame corners
Hasslacher Norica Timber Deutschland Magdeburg, Kleinheubach  210,000 220,000 n/s S/F/L/O/B/A MUF/EPI/PRF/PU GL24-32 ∞1 yes yes ceiling elements, Duo/Trio, special constructions in BauBuche, columns, CNC-6-axis, 3D glulam, hybrid
Hirtreiter Holzbau Leiblfing n/s n/s n/s S MUF/PU GL24-32 38 yes yes CE, general finger jointing, block gluing, log-house planks, arched beams
Hördener Holzwerk Gaggenau 3,600 3,500 n/s S MUF/PU GL24-28 15 yes yes CE, PEFC
Junginger-Naturholzwerk Gaildorf 10,000 25,000 15,000 S/F PU GL24-30 18 yes yes CNC joining max. 1250 mm in width, profiled glulam ceiling elements, solid structural timber, Duo/Trio, glulam beams
Ladenburger Bopfingen 70,000 75,000 n/s S MUF GL24-28 24 yes yes Duo/Trio, CE, PEFC
Maier* Türkheim 5,500 5,500 4,500 S/L MUF/PRF GL24-30 33 yes yes EN 14080, universally finger-jointed, curved construction elements
Mayr-Melnhof Hüttemann Olsberg 20,000 20,000 n/s S/L MUF GL24-32 56.3 no yes PEFC, CE, BRL1701 Komo, EN 338, EN 1408, EN 14081-4, EN 1408-2013, CNC joining, glulam elements, acc. to EN 14080:2013, block-glued special construction elements
Mayr-Melnhof Hüttemann Wismar 120,000 120,000 n/s S MUF GL24-30 24 yes yes PEFC, CE, CNC joining, acc. to EN 14080:2013, round columns, glued wall studs, solid glulam elements
Merkle Holz Nersingen 14,500 13,000 n/s S/L MUF GL24-28 18 yes yes CNC joining, solid structural timber, Duo-/Trio, CLT
Schaffitzel Holzindustrie Schwäbisch Hall 9,700 10,000 9,000 S/L/D/A MUF GL24-30c 45 yes yes CE, PEFC, statics, construction kits, epoxy coated bases, general finger jointing, block gluing, CNC joining
Josef Schmelter Lennestadt 20,000 25,000 15,000 S PUR GL24-30 18 yes yes lot size 1, millimetric trimming, also solid structural timber/Duo/Trio list, glulam elements, PEFC-certified
Holzwerk Gebr. Schneider Eberhardzell 145,000 160,000 50,000 S/L PU GL24-30 18 yes yes Duo/Trio, ceilings with color finish, CNC joining
Gebr. Schütt Landscheide 6,000 6,000 7,800 S/L PU/MUF GL20-30 42.5 yes yes CE, PEFC, planning/statics, CNC, wood frame construction, renovation
Rothmund Leimholz Klettgau-Bühl 10,000 11,000 6,000 S/F/D MUF GL24, 28 18 yes no CE, PEFC, Duo-beams
SchwörerHolz Hohenstein 35,000 35,000 25,000 S MU GL24 26 no yes CE, PEFC, quality label glulam, glulam elements Duo/Trio
Timmermann* Kamen n/s n/s 1,500 S n/s n/s 22 n/s n/s specialized in construction of halls
van Kempen Oelde 3,000 3,000 n/s S/L MUF/PU GL24h-30c 40 yes yes radius >1.9 m; special and single elements; from statics to assembly
Wiedmann Rheinfelden n/s n/s n/s S/D/L/F MUF GL24-32 40 yes yes curved beams, statics, construction kits, PEFC
Zang & Bahmer* Dietzenbach 3,000 3,500 8,000 S MUF/PU GL24-28 40 yes yes PU-solid timber, curved, object glulam
Josef Ziegler Plößberg 15,000 n/s 10,000 S n/s GL24 15 yes no solid structural timber acc. to list, glulam
Holzleimb. Zischka Böblingen 1,000 n/s 1,000 S/L/D/F PU/MUF/PRF bis GL30 24 yes yes curved special construction elements with minimum radius of 70 cm
Glulam production Austria | 2019/target 2020
Company Site Production 2019 Target 2020 One-shift capacity Types of wood Adhesive Strength class Length List Joining Products/service
A. Baumgartner Sollenau n/s n/s n/s Sib. L/S
Binderholz Jenbach 260,000 270,000 110,000 S/P/L MUF GL24-32 32.5 yes yes CNC joining, special elements, solid structural timber, glulam ceiling elements with sanded surface
Handlos Tragwein 65,000 65,000 22,000 S/P/L/O/A/B MUF GL24-32 22 yes yes Duo/Trio, log-house planks, combined, pressure impregnation, joining
Holz Hahn Rappottenstein 36,000 36,000 n/s S MUF GL24-28 24 yes no solid structural timber, Duo/Trio, glulam of up to 24 m
Huter & Söhne Innsbruck n/s n/s n/s S/L MUF GL24-32 41.5 yes yes special constructions, minimum radius 1 m, CE, PEFC
Kirnbauer Ternitz 64,000 67,000 95,000 S/P PU GL24-28 18 yes no solid structural timber, Duo/Trio, ceiling elements
Kulmer Holz-Leimbau Pischelsdorf 3,000 3,000 10,000 S/L MUF GL24-28 40 yes yes Kielsteg ceiling elements of up to 35 m
Mayr-Melnhof Holz Gaishorn 155,000 155,000 n/s S MUS GL24-30 23 yes yes PEFC, CE, acc. to EN 14080:2013, Duo/Trio
Mayr-Melnhof Holz Reuthe 25,000 25,000 n/s S/L MUF GL24-32 32 no yes PEFC, CE, ISO 9001, acc. to EN 14080:2013, arched beams with minimum radius of 3 m
Mosser Randegg 180,000 180,000 65,000 S n/s GL24-30 18 yes yes PEFC, Duo
Hasslacher Norica Timber Sachsenburg und Hermagor 160,000 165,000 n/s S/P/L MUF GL24-32 40 yes yes CNC joining, ceiling elements, arched beams, special constructions, Duo/Trio
Obermayr Schwanenstadt 5,300 6,000 n/s S/L/F MUF GL24-30 40 yes yes special constructions, block gluing, ceiling elements, arched beams, PEFC, widths up to 30 cm
Joh. Pabst Holzindustrie Zeltweg 95,000 100,000 n/s S MUF GL24-30 24 yes yes CNC joining, wall and ceiling elements
Pfeifer Holz Imst 120,000 120,000 70,000 S MUF GL24-32 24 yes no automated strength class sorting
Rubner Holzbau Ober-Grafend. 37,000 34,000 20,000 S/P/L MUF GL24-32 50 no yes PEFC, certificate: A, B, C1, D
Stora Enso Brand 64,000 n/s 30,000 S/P EPI/MUF E95-F3152 4 no no posts with JAS certificate
Stora Enso Ybbs 81,000 n/s 45,000 S/P EPI E95-F3152 6 no no posts with JAS certificate
Theurl Holzindustrie Assling 104,000 100,000 32,000 S MUF GL20-32 18 yes yes extensive joining service with 4 CAD systems: Sema, Dietrichs, Cadwork, hsbCAD
Wiehag Altheim n/s n/s n/s S/L MUF/PRF GL24-28 55 yes yes other strength classes on request, CNC joining
Weinberger Holz Abtenau, Reichenfels 110,000 110,000 n/s S/P/L/D PU GL24, 28, 30 18 yes no non-settling log-house planks, cross-laminated wall and ceiling elements
Zechner Lärchen-Holz Reichenfels n/s n/s n/s L