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The temporary end to major investments

Article by Günther Jauk (translated by Eva Guzely) | 27.11.2023 - 12:26

Basically in contradiction to the poor sales situation, CLT production will continue to grow in 2023, albeit at a significantly lower rate than in previous years. The figures reported by manufacturers from the DACH region, Italy and the Czech Republic show an increase of 4% to 1.27 million m³ and thus another production record.

Given the current market situation, this development is atypical at first glance. It is mainly due to newcomers or fairly new market participants whose capacities are far from being fully utilized. In 2023 alone, five new production facilities will be launched by best wood Schneider, Mayr-Melnhof Holz, Mosser Leimholz, Schilliger and Ziegler Holztechnik.

Major projects in the DACH region

Mayr-Melnhof Holz is carrying out the biggest investment project in the company’s history at its headquarters in Leoben. There, the group is building a cross-laminated timber plant with an annual capacity of 140,000 m³. Together with its CLT production site in Gaishorn am See, the Styrian company’s total capacity amounts to well over 200,000 m³ a year.

best wood Schneider is starting up a cross-laminated timber line with an annual capacity of 100,000 m³ next to a sawmill at its newly built production site in Meßkirch/DE. At its headquarters in Eberhardzell, the company already produces an annual 25,000 m³ of CLT with a width of 1.25 m. For the production of the same system format, Mosser Leimholz recently put a production line into operation in Randegg.

In Hermsdorf, at the former Tecsol factory, Ziegler concentrates and expands its glued timber competencies. Even though the site was originally designed almost exclusively for glulam, a CLT line was put into operation there a few months ago. In the future, Ziegler wants to process around two thirds of its production output into finished modules, while one third is to be sold. In 2021, the company had also announced a major project in Tirschenreuth, Bavaria, which includes two CLT lines, each with an annual capacity of 75,000 m³, as well as a house construction line for up to 3,000 houses a year. At the moment, Ziegler is waiting for the development plan to be approved. Only then, the detailed planning can start and the expected start of production can be determined. At the same time, the company will closely monitor the market and, if necessary, react to it and make adjustments.

In addition to its production facility in Küssnacht/CH, the Swiss timber group Schilliger is currently building a second CLT plant at its French site in Volgelsheim, directly at the German border. Regular production is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2024.

Another jump in capacity

According to the machine suppliers, there are still some Central European companies who plan to increase their capacities, but most of those plans have been put on hold for the time being. In light of the current economic situation and the existing capacities, this is not surprising. When you add up the possible output of the existing plants and the plants which are under construction, you get around 2.3 million m³ a year which will be available in the coming years (see below).

However, experience has shown that even in times of a buoyant economy, it takes several years for a company to build up the necessary structures – from planning to production and sales – to be able to come close to fully utilizing their theoretical capacities. Once Cltech’s planned production site in Kaiserslautern has gone into operation sometime next year, the times of huge investment projects will probably be over for quite a while.

Cross-laminated timber production AT | DE | CH | CZ | IT 2022 | target 2023
Glued products, volumes in m³
Company Location 2022 Target 2023 One-shift capacity Products and services Joint gluing Adhesive Types of wood for surface Format up to [m]
Agrop Nova Ptení/CZ 7,000 8,000 n/s high-quality visible quality, continuous top-layer laminations of up to 10 m, ribbed elements with insulation, acoustic panels, façade panels with metal coating, panels with veneer surfaces, surface finishing for indoors/outdoors yes MUF/PUR spruce, fir, silver fir, old wood 2.95 x 12
Artuso Legnami* Caselle TV/IT 30,000 30,000 30,000 PUR spruce
best wood Schneider Eberhardzell/DE 25,000 25,000 n/s

joining, varnishing yes PUR spruce widths of up to 1.25 m
best wood Schneider Meßkirch/DE launched in 2023
Binderholz Bausysteme Unternberg/AT, Burgbernheim/DE 220,000 220,000 110,000 BBS 125 system format, BBS XL large format with visible quality PUR spruce, larch, Swiss pine, silver fir, antique 1.25 x 24; 3.5 x 22
CLT Suisse Orges/CH n/s



Eugen Decker Morbach/DE,  25,000 25,000 25,000 special structures and formats no PUR spruce, Douglas fir, pine 3.3 x 16
FHS Holzbau Grassau / DE, Veseli n.L. / CZ 10,000 10,000 10,000

high-quality surfaces; ~ 20 types of wood; integration of wall and ceiling heating systems (carbon or water) possible with exclusive surface; prefabricated CLT staircases

with A-quality PUR ~ 20, e.g. spruce, oak, Swiss pine, larch 3.3 x 12.6 (13.05 for ceiling elements)
Derix-Gruppe Niederkrüchten/DE, Westerkappeln/DE 30,000 35,000 n/s

no MUF/PUR spruce, fir larch 3.5 x 17.8
Hasslacher Gruppe Stall im Mölltal/AT 60,000 50,000 n/s

X-fix, surface finishing, Excellent surface, dimensions ordered = dimensions billed, all surfaces sanded

on request MUF spruce, larch, pine, fir, Swiss pine, birch, oak  3.2 x 20
Hasslacher Gruppe Magdeburg/DE n/s



up to 24 m without universal finger joints, sanded up to 20 m, otherwise planed, X-fix, surface finishing, no standard lengths on request MUF spruce, fir 1.25 x 24
HBS Berga/DE 30,000 35,000 35,000 sanded surfaces, visible quality since 2022, joining yes PUR spruce 3.5 x 16
HBS Somplar/DE 18,000 20,000 15,000 elements of up to 3.6 x 18 m, joining no PUR spruce 3.6 x 18
Holzbauwerk Schwarzwald Seewald/DE n/s n/s 20,000 all layers completely joint-glued and load-bearing; knot-free rift/visible-quality surface; silver fir; joining competence yes PUR spruce, silver fir 3.5 x 16
Kurt Huber Achern/DE 5,000 5,000 7,000

individually to size

yes PUR spruce, fir 3.8 x 19
KLH Massivholz Teufenbach-Katsch/AT, Wiesenau/AT 150,000 150,000 n/s project support, JAS, PRG 320, FSC, on request: surface gluing with heat-resistant adhesive HBX on request PUR all types of softwood, mostly spruce 3.5 x 16.5
Lignotrend Weilheim/DE 29,000 28,000 n/s customizable CLT (visible quality, acoustics, fire safety, sound insulation) n/s PUR silver fir, spruce, oak, etc 2.5 x 18
LOC Holz Arbing/AT 5,000 20,000 20,000 knot-free rift/visible-quality surface; wood moisture 8-10% dry; spruce/fir/larch; load-bearing narrow-edge gluing; air-tight from 3 layers yes MUF spruce, fir, larch 3.6 x 16
Mayr-Melnhof Holz Gaishorn/AT 61,000 60,000 n/s 3 to 9 layers; surface qualities: visible, industrial visible, non-visible; project-specific CNC joining no MUF, PUR spruce 3.5 x 16
Mayr-Melnhof Holz Leoben/AT (1) 0 10,000 n/s yes PUR spruce 3.5 x 16
Mosser Leimholz (2) Randegg/AT 0 5,000 15,000 system format 1,250 mm, horizontal finger joints, special widths from 1,000 mm all layers PUR spruce 1.25 x 14
Holz Meissnitzer Niedernsill/AT 4,000 4,000 2,000 no PUR spruce, fir 4 x 15
Pfeifer Group Schlitz/DE 55,000 60,000 30,000 planned PUR spruce 3.1 x 14.5
Rubner Holzbau Brixen/IT 7,315 8,200 n/s surface impregnation no Purbond HB S309 spruce, larch 4.2 x 17
Schwarzwald Holzbausysteme Friesenheim/DE 16,000 18,000 12,500 loading with residential visible quality on the bottom, SBSplus elements with widths of 3.9 m with residential visible quality PUR spruce, larch, Douglas fir, silver fir 3.9 x 16.2
Schilliger Holz (3) Küssnacht/CH 40,000 40,000 yes PUR spruce, fir, Douglas fir 3.4 x 14
Pius Schuler Rothenthurm/CH n/s n/s n/s n/s n/s n/s spruce, fir, pine, larch 3 x 9
Stora Enso (4,*) Bad St. Leonhard/AT 80,000 70,000 n/s visible, industrial visible, non-visible; sanded, air-tight from 3 layers, production of ribbed elements; automated coating line in Ybbs from autumn of 2023 yes PUR sprue, pine, fir 2.95 x 16; 3.95 x 16 (on request)
Stora Enso (4,*) Ybbs/AT 110,000 95,000 n/s
Stora Enso (4,*) Ždírec/CZ 40,000 50,000 n/s widths of up to 3.5 m
Theurl Austrian Premium Timber Steinfeld/AT 70,000 70,000 narrow-edge gluing, visible, enhanced industrial, industrial quality, optimization of loading space, 4 CAD systems: SEMA, Dietrich's, cadwork, hsbCAD yes PUR spruce 3.5 x 16
Holzbau Unterrainer Ainet/AT 10,000 8,000 5,000 curved CLT (“radius timber”) with min. radius of 2 m no PUR spruce, larch, Swiss pine 2.95 x 13.5
Holzwerke van Roje Oberhonnefeld/DE 8,000 25,000 35,000 joining, visible qualities, protective covers for the duration of construction no PUR Fi, Dou, Lä 3.5 x 16
Weinberger Holz  Reichenfels/AT n/s n/s n/s  non-settling log-house planks crosslam (cross-laminated beams), Bilam forte yes PUR spruce, Douglas fir, larch 1.2 x 13.5
Xlam Dolomiti Castelnuovo/IT 23,000 23,000 25,000 production of ribbed elements; prefabricated floor and ceiling elements, adhesive HB & HBX, planning and construction yes PUR (HB, HBX) spruce 3.5 x 13.5
Ziegler Holztechnik Hermsdorf/DE 20,000 35,000 17,500 joining and pre-assembly possible yes MUF spruce, pine 3 x 16.5
ZÜBLIN Timber (5) Aichach/DE 30,000 30,000 13,000 type approval, LENO®-ADD, CLT formwork no/on request for top layer PUR softwood, fine wood, Fineline 4.8 x 19.8