Change as opportunity

Article by Jasmin Rainer (für holzkurier.com bearbeitet) | 24.07.2020 - 12:20

A passionate interest of Rottenhofer is: building - living – working. Rottenhofer realized in 2016 with the construction system „todaytomorrow“ the first, flexible, future-oriented generational house, which is even Corona fit thanks to variable, separate entrance from outside. The Holzkurier-report still attracts attention today (see article "Generational House looking for Partners").



The “Green House 71”: A nice reference from Johannes Rottenhofer with Radiusholz (curved and straight CLT) in Verona (IT) © Rottenhofer

Changes in the market are noticeable
When Rottenhofer entered in the timber industry in the 1980s, there were still over 2000 sawmills. The structural adjustment has greatly reduced this number over the decades. At that time, the (log) supplier was called also as „wood customer“.

A handful of companies are now providing most of the production capacity. Rottenhofer was always confident that the markets in the branch would change before his retirement. In the past few years, it has almost seemed like this.

The adaptability of market participants is today very required - a lot is currently changing. „Who would have ever thought that buyers and sellers are finding themselves once at the, in each case, other side of the negotiating table”

Or: „That the “bread tree” spruce, of our grandfathers planted in a rank and file, will need to make room for a “healthy mix” for our grandchildren due to rising temperatures.” Or: “That the Italian market share will decrease whereas this relation, despite some punctual late payers and sporty quality feedbacks, contributed over decades more than 50 % of the investments of the timber industry.”


The generational house “todaytomorrow” is Corona fit not just trough the freely variable entrances of the residential units from outside © Rottenhofer

Climate change, pandemics, and the economy
The challenges of climate change will accompany us for a long time, but thanks to an unprecedented national and international success story of proHolz and Forum Holzbau, that he followed closely, the effects are easier to manage. Today, timber is socially acceptable and competitive even in large-volume constructions. COVID-19 does not stop this development, on the contrary.

A joint of research and development from the competing building materials would be an interesting approach for the future, according to Rottenhofer. In conclusion, the Carinthian thinks that our beautiful word „business friend“ is said so quickly, but it includes the word „friend“ and this should be the only reason why one is accepting the professional challenges for turnover (money). The Carinthian will be a market participant for several more years.

His wish in life and business, and in the cooperation with many satisfied customers and business partners is the permanent compensation according to the motto „clear calculation makes good friends” with fairness and trust, appreciation and respect, how certainly every market participant would prefer it.

Rottenhofer briefly celebrated his 60th birthday (see article "Johannes Rottenhofer - 60 years").