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Generational House looking for Partners

Article by Kathrin Lanz | 26.03.2018 - 08:38

The first Generational building is located in Pusarnitz and was designed with an intelligent timber-frame construction and CLT.
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The fact that Johannes Rottenhofer's concept echoes the spirit of present times becomes clear as early as its first explanation. Key words such as "restricting ground sealing", "space-saving, sustainable and energy-efficient construction" or "flexible adaptation of living-space area" make another person curious. How exactly should that work?

"I can best explain that with the example of my own Generational House," suggests Rottenhofer. As the man behind the brand "Heutemorgen - a house with a future and, naturally convinced of the idea, he built the first system house for himself. It is located in Pusarnitz in the district of Spittal / Drau and was executed as a variant with four units, plus an apartment with a terrace. "As a family with children, one soon learns that a house does not function optimally throughout all the different phases of life. First, a house or an apartment can be too big, and then with children, in some circumstances, too small. The possibility of a home office is usually completely lacking. And when the children leave home, the parents stay behind and the house is again too big, "says the man from the timber sector, who has successfully operated for nearly 30 years as Sales Director at Hasslacher Norica Timber, a prominent company in Carinthia. “At the moment, as an independent sales partner and export consultant, I need office space for my own use, an apartment for my son, and we rent out the separate access ground floor apartment. Should I no longer need the office, then the use of it as a rentable small apartment would be a possibility. Or, if my son starts a family, it would be possible to meet his extended space requirements in just a few steps." Maximum adaptability with the minimum effort is the motto. As required, a separate outside entrance can be fitted for each unit. Otherwise, interconnection between flats is provided from the inside. 

Apartments or Offices possible


Usage  variants : from office and single-family dwellings to residential complexes 
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The original architectural idea for the concept were honoured with an Innovation Award in London in 2012. Under Rottenhofer's brand "Heutemorgen", adaptations took place. He became aware of it through the company Weissenseer Holz-System-Bau. The timber construction company from Greifenburg was also commissioned as general contractor with the realisation of the first pilot project in Pusarnitz.

The sophisticated home technology includes a modular heating-pump with its own photovoltaic system and a future-orientated energy management from the storage medium to e-mobility. The generational buildings are suitable for offices and / or apartments. A Barrier-Free or Disabled Access version is possible, and the plumbed areas are flexibly interchangeable for use as a kitchen or bathroom. In this way the house can very easily be adapted to every living situation and need.

Property developers, investors and more

On the subject of building materials Rottenhofer adds: "I come from wood. Clearly I prefer timber construction. However, if someone cannot warm to it, we also have a plan B." Now he is looking for interested parties and suitable business partners. These can be real estate developers, housing associations, communities or investors. "Co-operations between the business sector and with private individuals are also conceivable." Information for interested parties is also available on the official website.


The “Green House 71” © Rottenhofer

Change as opportunity

Ten years ago, Johannes Rottenhofer started his own business in Möllbrücke. Before that, for almost three decades Rottenhofer was sales director (trainer) at Hasslacher Norica Timber which he successfully accompanied from the Regional League to the Champions League. He is proud that still today many responsible players at Hasslacher come from his former team. The connections to Hasslacher are still great and there are always interesting business opportunities. Read more ...