Industrialized Wood-Based Construction Conference 2018

Article by Robert Spannlang | 11.01.2018 - 15:55

IWBC is the first-ever event bringing the world’s leading offsite, wood-based, automated construction innovators together with architects, engineers, builders, planners and others interested in fast, affordable, high-quality construction. The conference is about mass timber, glulam, LVL, PSL and LSL but it is not just another mass timber conference. It is about the future of homebuilding and construction, against a global backdrop of poor construction productivity and shortages of skilled labour. Attendees will see how leading edge companies around the world are responding to these challenges with new ways of building, new materials and new technologies.

This is a major international conference is expected to attract more than 50 exhibitors and feature more than 40 speakers from all around the world. This event is organised and managed by FEA in association with Softwood Lumber Board.

For more information, go to www.iwbcc.com