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Plug and Play

Article by Martina Nöstler (translated by Eva Guzely) | 06.02.2023 - 10:53

Originally, Hundegger’s first Speed-Cut series was designed as a fast cutting machine for wood of smaller dimensions. Last year, this model underwent an extensive upgrade – among other things based on customer feedback. Since the autumn of 2022, the first Speed-Cut 480 has been in use at PG Holzbau Service in Karlstetten. The company specializes in contract joining and also offers its partners a comprehensive service, such as transporting elements or sending skilled workers for the assembly.

Partner in development

In 2011, managing director Peter Gerstenmayer invested in his first Hundegger machine, i.e. a used P10. The Speed-Cut SC3 followed in 2015 and the Robot-Drive in 2019. “When we were in the middle of developing the Speed-Cut 480, we invited Peter Gerstenmayer to Hawangen. We showed him the machine and offered him the opportunity to put the first Speed-Cut 480 through its paces as a partner in development,” Arno Gaggl, Hundegger’s sales representative in Austria, says. “I immediately accepted the offer because it was a great opportunity for me,” Gerstenmayer adds.

Instead of having a performance of 100%, the machine easily reaches 130%.

Peter Gerstenmayer, Managing Director of PG Holzbau Service

In the summer of 2022, Gerstenmayer made room for the new acquisition in his processing hall and moved the old SC3 to another building. “For a while, we were even able to work with three Hundegger machines,” the managing director tells us. Recently, the company found a new “home” for the SC3: The machine will go into operation at Weisshaidinger Ingenieur-Holzbau in Taufkirchen an der Pram in February.

More than “just” cutting

With the Speed-Cut 480, Hundegger now offers a cutting machine that is actually a full-fledged joinery machine thanks to the additional technical features. “With the Speed-Cut 480, we want to offer our customers a machine not only for fast cutting but also for standard joinery work for elements with smaller cross-sections,” Gaggl explains. As part of the upgrade, the Speed-Cut 480 was also equipped with a five-axis unit. The saw unit can be rotated 360° and tilted 90° and can carry out almost all types of cuts, such as birdsmouth joints, miter cuts or tenons. The turret mill unit can be equipped with up to four tools, making it possible to create nibbed scarf joints, key joints or tenons. Concealed recesses are possible on all six sides of a construction element.

“Compared to the previous model, the Speed-Cut 480 can be used for all carpentry connections and for cross-sections of up to 240 x 480 mm,” Gerstenmayer explains and adds: “Last year, we acquired a new customer for whom we do log house joinery work. Thanks to the Speed-Cut 480, we can join elements with maximum precision free up capacities on the Robot-Drive.” According to Gaggl, the patented HMC measuring system (Hundegger Motion Control) also ensures high precision. The Speed-Cut 480 in use at PG Holzbau Service is designed for elements with lengths of up to 18 meters. This length can be extended almost indefinitely by means of walls that can be raised and lowered.

A special feature of the Speed-Cut 480 is its modular design, which allows the customer to choose the basic version first and have additional units installed later, if necessary. The machine in use in Karlstetten is also equipped with three marking devices and an inkjet printer. “It labels the individual elements while they are processed and therefore doesn’t require any additional time. Thanks to optimized processes, for example the transport of the finished pieces out of the machine, the Speed-Cut 480 has become significantly faster than the SC3,” Gerstenmayer tells us. A separate conveyor belt, which brings the wood to the front of the machine, is used for short elements.

One software for all machines

Like all machines from Hawangen, the new Speed-Cut 480 is now equipped with Hundegger’s Cambium software, which Gerstenmayer considers to be a major advantage. PG Holzbau Service is already working with the Cambium software on its Robot-Drive and has some experience with it. “The software enables us to carry out our projects very flexibly on both machines and switch between them depending on the dimensions, utilization or type of processing,” the carpentry expert explains.

Hundegger not only improved the technology at the heart of the Speed-Cut 480 but also gave the machine a new, modern design. Thanks to its compact build, the machine could be assembled in one piece. “The Speed-Cut 480 doesn’t take up a lot of space and there is no need for an additional pit for disposal either. You simply set it up, turn it on and start producing,” Gerstenmayer tells us. A conveyor belt transports the sawdust and wood waste to the rear of the machine, which is also equipped with a dust extraction system.

“For me, the Speed-Cut 480 was a big surprise. Its performance is much better than you would expect from such a machine,” Gerstenmayer says, who is extremely satisfied with his investment.