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Stellar cross-laminated timber

Article by Raphael Zeman (adapted for holzkurier.com; translated by Eva Guzely) | 12.12.2022 - 08:35

In Natternbach, ten impressive night sky chalets made of CLT await nature-loving guests © Kajetan Zauner / Libertydothome

When you enter the Ikuna Nature Resort in Natternbach, Upper Austria, you will find a unique and unforgettable experience. On an area of 200,000 m², a nature adventure park, 4-star tepee suites and numerous adventures await. What was needed to complement this extraordinary place were singular buildings which perfectly capture both the uniqueness and closeness to nature of the place. Timber construction company LibertydotHome from the Innviertel region was happy to take on this challenge and could rely on its long-standing partnership with the experts of J. u. A. Frischeis (JAF).

Night sky chalets with added value


The modern glass roofs with their fantastic view of the night sky gave the chalets their name © Kajetan Zauner / LibertydotHome

Guided by a principle based on the desire for a perfect symbiosis of space, nature and material, the young LibertydotHome team started to create modern building solutions for various requirements a few years ago. JAF’s experienced experts have already supported the imaginative team in numerous projects – from tiny houses to modular bungalows – and cross-laminated timber has always played a major role in them. During the construction of the ten 15-meter high, iconic night sky chalets from November 2021 to May 2022, the team was again able to count on the good collaboration with JAF.

Sustainable solutions made of CLT

“Not only do we know that building culture needs to change, we also want to be a driver of that change. Natural cladding, regionally sourced materials and long-term partnerships are key elements here,” LibertydotHome Managing Director Markus Hörmanseder emphasizes. With the night sky chalets in the Ikuna Nature Resort, the team has put this approach into practice in an impressive way. Built in mass timber, the holiday homes stand on ground screw foundations, which prevent further soil sealing. The glass roofs offer romantic nights under the starry sky, which gave the chalets their name.

CLT expertise provided by JAF


From planning to construction, those responsible for the project could rely on the support of JAF © Kajetan Zauner / LibertydotHome

At Austria’s biggest timber trade company JAF, a team of recognized CLT experts is responsible for the personal support of customers in their respective CLT projects. In the case of the night sky chalets, LibertydotHome relied on consultant Andreas Lexmüller from JAF’s Upper Austrian branch in St. Florian. “We were asked to deliver 25 m³ of glulam and around 440 m³ of CLT – both including CNC joining – for this great project,” Lexmüller tells us. When it comes to CLT, JAF’s strengths lie not only in the procurement of the right material and in seamless logistics. If necessary, the team also provides technical support to commercial customers – both in 3D planning and prefabrication as well as in preliminary structural analyses and the optimization of cross-sections. The degree of prefabrication is also defined together with the customer before the cross-laminated timber finds its way to the construction site on schedule.

Product diversity and availability

In the implementation of CLT projects, customers also benefit from the size of the JAF Group. The company offers them the possibility to choose the right product from an incredibly comprehensive portfolio, while JAF’s employees provide expert support in the search for the perfect product for each project. Furthermore, CLT and all other wood products – from insulation and products for the interior to terraces – are delivered quickly and reliably. This is where the advantages of the timber trade company’s enormous strength in logistics and its extensive, international warehouse network become clear.

Competent timber construction solutions

The open secret of JAF’s success is constant further development. The diversity and versatility of timber constructions projects are reflected in the costs and requirements which vary depending on the complexity of the respective building. What does not vary, however, is the reliable partner customers have in JAF. Its experts provide professional, personal support either at one of the company’s branch offices or by telephone or email.