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Significant reduction of cross-laminated timber waste

Article by Remo Bühler (translated by Eva Guzely) | 12.12.2022 - 09:00

One of Mass Timber Solution’s design engineers is designing a CLT construction element © Mass Timber Solution

Bavarian company Mass Timber Solutions creates the drawings of individual parts and the assembly plans in close collaboration with leading CLT manufacturers, and also takes care of the procurement of the engineered wood product.

This approach systematically ensures the success of a project. The construction services offered by Mass Timber Solutions include wall, ceiling and roof structures, among other things.

Innovative product for the construction of ceilings


A close-up of the computer program which helps minimize waste © Hsbcad & Hundegger Cambium

Recently, the timber construction service provider added MTS-D-175 elements to its product portfolio. These nearly zero-waste construction elements are suitable for building ceilings and are manufactured by fully utilizing the CAD/CAM master panel.

Thanks to standard component widths, maximum efficiency can be guaranteed during production, which results in lower overall costs. According to Mass Timber Solutions, customers benefit from maximum transparency and planning certainty.

The efficient and fast production of construction elements also makes the entire logistics process easier. Elements can be delivered to the construction site in a tarpaulin truck, without the need for packaging, thereby minimizing the risk of weather-related damage.

On the construction site, the simple handling of the elements pays off. Choosing the right lifting gear makes assembly easier with the help of a crane.