The timber construction trends for 2023

Article by Birgit Gruber (adapted for; translated by Eva Guzely) | 15.02.2022 - 10:05

The Top 6 timber construction trends for 2023 ranked according to demand (in %, n = 120): construction of roof trusses, dormer windows, prefabricated timber construction elements, carports, roof constructions, wood facades © BauInfoConsult

According to a survey carried out by BauInfoConsult, roofers and carpenters predict substantial demand for the construction of roof trusses in next two years. This also indicates that a further increase in demand for residential construction is expected. In addition to classic roof construction, the timber professionals predict other smaller trends until the year 2023. They expect increasing demand for prefabricated timber construction elements of all kinds, for example for wooden ceiling elements with large spans. A classic of timber construction should also see stable demand in the coming years: the carport.