Pellet production still at a record level

Article by Philipp Matzku (adapted for; translated by Eva Guzely) | 11.05.2021 - 09:47

Pellet production remains at a very high level in the first quarter as well. © German Pellet Institute (DEPI)

Compared to the first quarter of 2020 (742,000 tons), pellet production grew by 60,000 tons (+7%). In the same period of 2018, the German Pellet Institute (DEPI) had reported an output of 585,000 tons.

790,647 tons of ENplus A1 pellets were produced in the first quarter which is the highest value ever recorded. Accordingly, the percentage of industrial pellets is 1.4% and thus slightly lower. In 2020, it was 2.6% on average and in the first quarter of 2020, it was 3%. With 12.5%, the percentage of log wood used as raw material is still relatively high. According to the DEPI, this is due to the damaged wood which keeps accumulating.