Increasing pellets prices

Article by Fabian Pöschel, translated by Susanne Höfler | 21.01.2019 - 08:16

The strongest price increase has been registered in Germany. Even though the January price level of €182.4/t is the lowest in the DACH comparison in the monthly comparison, this makes for the strongest increase of +1.7% (+€3.1/t). Looking at the same period last year, the upward tendency is confirmed: In January 2018, the costs for one metric ton of pellets was €172.7/t (+5.6%; +€9.7/t).

A contrary development can be observed for Switzerland: The currently high price level saw the lowest increase rates compared to the previous month as well as the same period last year. Based on the 10-year average price, the increase compared to the January of 2018 is 2.7% (+€5.2/t) and compared to December 2018 1.1% (+€2.2/t).

With a current price level of €186.6/t, Austrian prices are in the middle range. In December 2018, customers paid €183.9/t (+1.6%; +€3.9/t). Basing the comparison on the January value of last year, a higher difference was yielded increasing by 3.3% (+€6/t).

The price level of 2015, however, could not be reached.