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The biggest manufacturers of hardwood lumber

Update 2022/2023

In Germany, a total of 1.63 million m³ of hardwood logs were cut in 2022. Pollmeier Massivholz remains by far the largest hardwood processing company in Germany with an annual cutting volume of 840,000 m³. With its three production sites Aschaffenburg, Creuzburg and Malchow, the company accounts for more than half of the total German cutting volume. The second biggest manufacturer of hardwood lumber in Germany is Holzwerk Obermeier in Schwindegg, with a cutting volume of 100,000 m³ a year. 

In Austria, 283,000 m³ of hardwood logs were cut in 2022. The biggest Austrian manufacturer is Abalon Hardwood in Heiligenkreuz with an annual cutting volume of 55,000 m³.

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In our Datacube, you can see how the production sites have been growing since 2007.

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1 m³ = the company did not provide details

Update 2021/2022

In 2021, cutting in those German hardwood sawmills, which reported their production volumes, totaled around 1.62 million m³. Compared to 2020, when the companies had reported a cumulated volume of 1.58 million m³, cutting increased by 2.3%. By far the biggest hardwood sawmill in Austria and Germany is Pollmeier Massivholz. The company reports a total cutting volume of 840,000 m³ at its three production sites in Aschaffenburg, Creuzburg and Malchow. Pollmeier Massivholz thus accounts for half of the overall cutting reported in Germany. The second biggest hardwood sawmill in Germany is Franz Obermeier in Schwindegg (2021: 100,000 m³), followed by Abalon in Schwalmstadt (2021: 80,000 m³).

Among the companies, which reported their figures (incl. estimates by the Holzkurier), there are 17 companies in Germany with a cutting volume of 20,000 m³ or more. In 2021, they cut a total of 1.38 million m³ of log wood.

In 2022, cutting in Germany is expected to remain constant at last year’s level. The companies reported a cumulated target cutting volume of nearly 1.62 million m³.

In Austria, hardwood cutting amounted to 295,500 m³ in 2021, as reported figures show. Compared to 2020 (282,300 m³), cutting thus increased by 4.7%. Abalon Hardwood is Austria’s biggest hardwood sawmill with a volume of 70,000 m³, followed by EHP of Frauental with 40,000 m³. Wibeba of Wieselburg and Meister-Laubholz of Riegersburg are both in third place with 20,000 m³ each. Last year, these four companies accounted for a cutting volume of 150,000 m³ and thus for 50% of the total volume reported in Austria. In 2022, cutting in Austrian hardwood sawmills is expected to remain constant at 296,000 m³.

In our Datacube, you can see how the production sites have been growing since 2007.