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The biggest hardwood sawn timber producers

Article by Martina Nöstler (translated by Eva Guzely) | 30.09.2020 - 11:20

Holzkurier again did a survey on cutting volumes in German and Austrian hardwood sawmills. Cutting in those German hardwood sawmills which reported their volumes amounted to 1.574 million m³ in 2019. Compared to previous years, the overall volume remained relatively stable. In 2018, nearly 1.58 million m³ of hardwood logs were cut in Germany, and in 2017, cutting was at 1.56 million m³. Pollmeier Massivholz is by far the biggest company: In 2019, cutting amounted to 325,000 m³ both in Aschaffenburg and in Creuzburg, whereas 140,000 m³ of logs were cut in Malchow. In total, Pollmeier thus reported a volume of 790,000 m³ which is exactly half of the overall cutting volume reported in Germany.

Following in second and third place are the hardwood sawmills of Franz Obermeier in Schwindegg with 100,000 m³ and Abalon Hardwood in Schwalmstadt with 85,000 m³. Like Pollmeier, Abalon is designed exclusively for the cutting of beech wood, while Obermeier also cuts oak and ash wood.

Among the companies which reported their 2019 figures, there are ten sawmills which follow the ones mentioned above and have an annual cutting volume of 20,000 m³ and more. Last year, cutting reached a total of 297,100 m³ in those sawmills. As for 2020, they plan to cut 286,000 m³.

18 companies recorded an annual cutting volume of 10,000 to 20,000 m³. In total, those sawmills reached a volume of 261,000 m³. This year, their planned cutting is going to fall slightly to 258,500 m³.

In Austria, cutting in hardwood sawmills amounted to 280,800 m³ last year. This is according to the reported figures. In 2018, companies reported an overall cutting volume of 260,800 m³. The increase is partly the result of higher production at Abalon Hardwood in Heiligenkreuz. In 2020, Austrian sawmills plan to cut a total of 277,600 m³.

With 70,000 m³, Abalon Hardwood is Austria’s biggest hardwood sawmill, followed by EPH of Frauental with 35,000 m³. Frey-Amon in Hetzmannsdorf, Wibeba in Wieselburg and Wimmer Holz in Kuchl share the third place of Austria’s biggest hardwood sawmills with an annual cutting volume of 17,000 m³ each.

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You can find detailed data on the development of cutting in German and Austrian sawmills in the past years in our Datacube in the section Production surveys.