Frank Jöst, CEO of Microtec, Allan Flink, CEO of Microtec Espoo, Mark Hiatt, Managing Director of Microtec Corvallis & Vancouver, Stefan Nilsson, new CEO of Microtec Linköping, and Peter Hagnberger, new CEO of Microtec Rosenheim (from left) © Microtec


New management

Article by Remo Bühler (adapted for holzkurier.com; translated by Eva Guzely) | 07.06.2022 - 14:10

In spring, Patrick Freeman was appointed Chief Technology Officer of Microtec in Brixen. More recently, other management positions have been filled at a global level as well. Arianna Giudiceandrea is the new Chief Sales Officer and in charge of worldwide sales, while Andreas Nyander is responsible for the optimization of all customer project operations in his position as Chief Operating Officer.

Microtec Rosenheim has been separated from Microtec Linköping and will be established as a production site of its own in Germany. Current Area Sales Manager Peter Hagnberger will become the new CEO of Microtec Rosenheim. In Sweden, long-time CEO Leif Erlandsson, who successfully managed Microtec Linköping for 15 years, retired at the end of May. He will be succeeded by the branch’s former Sales Manager Stefan Nilsson.