Lengauer / Knapp

It doesn’t get faster

Article by Holzkurier (translated by Eva Guzely) | 08.11.2019 - 08:45

The Knapp Mateo stepped nail accelerates work © Knapp

The timber construction company Lengauer of Neumarkt takes on orders of various dimensions. For a single-family home, the ten-member team used the Knapp Mateo stepped nail in beechwood (diameter 40 mm) – thereby optimizing quality, speed, and customer satisfaction. In order to join inside walls made of CLT panels with 45° and T-connectors, the stepped nails were coated with glue and driven into pre-drilled holes with only a few blows. It took only three minutes per connection from positioning the drilling tool to completing the connection. Where ever elements were to remain visible, the carpenters let 5 mm of the nails protrude and ground them off afterwards.

“We were delighted with the look and especially with the post-processing”, comments manager Dominik Lengauer. There was not a single bad surprise: no screwheads were missed, which may break tools during milling, and no imprecise positions. “This saved us a lot time, costs and nerves.”