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Color-finished solid wooden ceilings

Article by Jasmin Rainer, translated by Susanne Höfler | 05.11.2019 - 16:51

For this purpose, the tried-and-tested ceiling elements made from spruce in visual quality are glazed with silicate paints in eight coordinated shades. Four grey and white shades are well-suited for rooms with a more minimalistic touch, the colors grey-blue, mint green, salmon pink and sand yellow add more colorful highlights. The automated paint application ensures smooth surfaces, the used mineral glazes stand out due to their matt look and UV stability. "The solid wooden ceilings as well as the glazes are environmentally friendly and particularly sustainable. After comprehensive testing, the 'best wood CLT' products were awarded the 'natureplus' quality label," managing director Ferdinand Schneider informs. The glazes are breathable and contribute to the moisture control of the interior climate of a room. The bottom view of the ceiling elements is available in rough-sawn or sanded surface optics which makes for a total of 16 different finishing options. The newest addition is the colorless variant with integrated UV protection. With "UV protect", the spruce wood keeps its light color. Henceforth, all glulam and CLT elements can be ordered with this new finishing option.

Computer-controlled prefabrication


Ceiling elements in visual quality are glazed with silicate paints © Best Wood Schneider

From a technical point of view, the Best Wood ceiling elements made from specially assorted raw material with a length of up to 18 meters meet all architectonical and construction-related requirements and therefore offer a great alternative to conventional beam ceilings. The design ceilings are safe to walk on and loadable immediately after installation. The innovative product also allows for recesses, such as installation levels or cut-outs for stairs or cable and pipe ducts that are manufactured with precision and in high quality by means of fully automated ceiling joining. Ceilings in visual quality are checked for defects right after joining and repaired manually.

"With self-adhesive protective film for the exposed side, the pre-picked and joined elements arrive at the construction site on time," Schneider elaborates. Just like the untreated ceiling elements, also the colored variants are used as components for the sound insulated ceiling constructions from Best Wood Schneider. The most recent test results e.g. for CLT ceilings can be found in the brochure "Sound Insulation" on the company's website.