Across the globe, nine Ledinek CLT presses are in use; soon it will be 16 systems © Ledinek


Concentrated expertise in glue-laminated timber

Article by Günther Jauk (adapted for holzkurier.com; translated by Eva Guzely) | 30.08.2018 - 11:39

Planing, finger-jointing, pressing: As a complete supplier for CLT and glulam systems Ledinek can draw on its expertise © Ledinek

Ledinek’s sales representative Bernhard Fandl described orders as “very satisfactory” before the International Wood Fair in Klagenfurt. He refers not only to the high interest in CLT production lines, but also to numerous systems and further developments for glulam elements and solid structural wood.

Ledinek continuously makes an effort to expand its product range and adapt existing machines to market requirements. A newly developed press for narrow side gluing is a good example. With this press, Ledinek paid particular attention to flexibility in the changing of lengths which should be possible without sacrificing the system’s performance. The result – the first Unipress 16 with ten infeed points for 16-meter laminations – has been put into operation at Best Wood Schneider in Eberhardzell/DE a few weeks ago.

Another exciting project is the development of a new generation of cross-cut saws for cutting out defects and knots. The X-Cut 400 is currently being tested in the company’s headquarters in Maribor and prepared for different uses. “The first test results are very promising. The new model will be used before our high-performance Kontizink finger-jointing machine and will serve as a saw for crosswise layers as well”, tell us Fandl.

As to planing, one of Ledinek’s core competencies, the sales representative speaks about “a few replacement investments in the areas of glulam and solid structural wood” and about new systems which are being equipped.

Process safety as a decisive criterion


According to Ledinek representative Bernhard Fandl, the laying station is the pace-setting component of a CLT production line. The Slovenian company is making an effort to increase process safety and stability in this area © Ledinek

Other than the continuous further development of big system components, like the X-Press, Ledinek is also dedicated to process safety. “The laying station is without doubt the pace-setting component of every CLT production site. Thanks to one of our latest developments, process safety and stability of this crucial component will increase, which will have a considerable effect on the overall performance of the production lines”, says Fandl with regard to the future.

Parallel to the further development of its production systems, Ledinek also keeps updating the X-Lam Manager, a management system for the production of CLT. The company also delivers specially tailored management systems for planing, solid structural wood and glulam producing systems as well as for administrative systems for planing tools.

Impressive track record

In the CLT sector, Ledinek already boasts nine installed X-Presses in seven countries on four different continents. If you add the machines and systems in the order books, you reach a total of 16 presses on five continents.

With most projects, the Slovenian company is not only the press manufacturer but the general contractor. “When it comes to complete projects, we can draw on our concentrated expertise and experience in all sections, like planing, finger-jointing or pressing. As the only complete supplier in the CLT sector, we will surely continue to expand this role in the coming years”, confirms Fandl.