Norbord increased profits in the 3Q

Article by Fabian Pöschel, translated by Susanne Höfler | 30.10.2017 - 12:18

Compared to the previous quarter, the EBITDA grew by US-$ 35 million. According to Norbord's press release, this is mainly owed to the high OSB prices in North America on the one and shipping volumes on the other hand. The benchmark price for OSB, for instance, gained 36% compared to last year. The hurricanes in south of the United States boosted demand significantly.

The European market yielded winnings, as well. The EBITDA gained US-$ 4 million in compared to the same period last year with a total of US-$ 14 million. Norbords president and CEO Peter Wijnbergen speaks of the best EBITDA in 13 years of business activities.

With launching the new Scottish site Inverness and the Alabama factory (based in Huguely), two additional sites are available for panel production. Norbord is currently supplying 2600 jobs at 19 different sites. Their productions comprise 15 OSB plants, 1 MDF plant, two chipboard factories and one site for verneer production.