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Five year forecast for booming CLT

Article by Robert Spannlang | 18.07.2017 - 13:06
The North American consulting company Forest Economic Advisors (FEA) recently presented its long-awaited global outlook on Engineered Lumber Products up to the year 2021. The 600-page report with over 250 graphics and tables covers all engineering timber products, including LVL, LSL, PSL, glulam and I-joists, CLT and other mass timber panels. It includes markets in Europe, Russia, North America, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and China.
For each wood product, the FEA experts reveal the market performance of the past five years in all these geographic regions and present forecasts of the next five years on capacity, consumption, production, imports, exports, prices, variable costs and a comprehensive written analysis. The study includes more than 100 pages on mass timber and CLT and thus offers the first robust forecast data for CLT by country and region.
Finally, the study examines ten emerging engineered lumber and mass timber technologies.
The authors of the study point to structural challenges in many of the developed Western markets, where demand for affordable housing meets with lack of skilled workers on the construction sector. This problem is particularly acute in the USA, but also New Zealand, Australia, Japan and other countries are struggling with a similar chronic labor shortages. In Britain alone, where there are already too few construction workers, the Brexit could lead to the loss of a further 175,000 workers from EU countries. At the same time, innovative industrial solutions and technologies are being developed in several countries to meet the challenges. These solutions and new technologies have the potential to significantly increase the demand for wood and timber and are analyzed in detail.

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