US softwood lumber price in week 22/2022 ©


Below the €400-mark

Article by Gerd Ebner (translated by Eva Guzely) | 13.06.2022 - 08:49

According to Madison’s Lumber Reporter, 2-by-4 (Western SPF, KD, #2 & better) only cost US-$600/1,000 bft last week. Since the euro gained in value (US-$1.07/€), European exporters only made €397/m³, which is a further decrease of €26/m³ compared to the week before.

At the end of March, the softwood lumber price had peaked at €827/m³. Since then, it has halved.

At the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Lumber Futures for July are currently at US-$560/1,000 bft, which would be €338/m³, if the currency exchange rate remains unchanged.