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Companies are investing more

Article by Gerd Ebner (translated by Eva Guzely) | 15.04.2021 - 14:26

In the table below, you can find a list of at least 50 new construction or bigger renovation projects which will be carried out in Europe or by Central European companies within 24 months. A good dozen other projects are known to the editorial team, but cannot be announced yet.

A lot of potential for fiber insulation boards

Insulation made from renewable raw materials is said to only have a single-digit market share in Germany. This is going to change soon. As many as six new production sites for wood fiber insulation boards will be added by 2022. One of them is newcomer Ziegler Group, which plans to invest € 85 million in order to produce 500,000 m³ a year on two Andritz plants starting in the fourth quarter of 2022. The other companies are already established on the market: Best Wood Schneider (new start in Hermagor), Gutex (€ 100 million investment in Waldshut/DE) and Steico in particular with three new capacity units.

New cross-laminated timber productions are another trend. The 2021 table includes two new productions in the Black Forest. Another two production sites will be added by the Ziegler Group and van Roje in Oberhonnefeld-Gierend/DE. ante-holz will start producing CLT in Berga/DE this year, thereby extending its previous range of products. With the new plant in Leoben, Mayr-Melnhof Holz also wants to increase its production capacity, and the same is true for Best Wood Schneider’s Meßkirch site (DE). These projects and the start-up of Pfeifer Holz in Schlitz/DE add up to another 315,000 m³ a year of cross-laminated timber produced.

Renaissance of glulam in Europe

In the past few years, European glulam demand has seen strong growth. Thanks to this development, European demand is likely to exceed Japanese demand and Europe is likely to become the world’s biggest market. Japan reached its peak in 2008 with annual sales of around 2 million m³. Thanks to the development in Germany, European demand increased considerably compared to the last peak in 2007/2008. Now, at least 300,000 m³ in annual capacity will be added. This does not include two projects: Stora Enso in Ybbs and HS Timber in Kodersdorf. From a technological point of view, two other projects stand out: Binderholz in Jenbach and Cordes Holz in Bremerhaven.

New sawmills to come

In the table, you can find several new constructions and modernizations of sawmills. These are all known. However, in Austria alone, another three new sawmills will probably be built by 2025. These are built by traditional sawmills who want to expand the existing possibilities with the new plants.

Existing chipper/canter lines are being modernized at several sawmills. The most impressive example is Wilburgstetten where the new line will then manage to cut 1.2 million m³ a year.

Increase in pellet production

The expansion and new construction of pellet production plants are also trends which have been continuing for years in Central Europe.

New constructions/expansions of sawmills, CLT productions, processing DE/AT/CH/CZ | 2020 to 2022
New constructions, changes, modernizations, projects and unconfirmed projects
  Company Production site Type and Capacity
1 ante-holz/HBS Berga Berga/DE CLT production; planned capacity: 80,000 m³/yr (1st expansion stage); planned start in 2021
2 ante-holz/HBS Berga Berga/DE connection of solid structural timber in Berga, around 50,000 m³/yr
3 ante-holz Somplar/DE 2021: another four pellet presses, four drying chambers, new finger-jointing with mechanization and packaging automation
4 ante-holz Rottleberode/DE 2022: four more pellet presses, CHP plant, four more drying chambers
5 Best Wood Schneider Meßkirch/DE sawmill, estimated cutting: 350,000 m³/yr; planned CLT production: 100,000 m³/yr, start of production end of 2021
6 Best Wood Schneider Hermagor/AT wood fiber board production in Hermagor
7 Binderholz Hallein/AT B-Solution in production (production of components for system solutions)
8 Binderholz Baruth/DE drying chambers done, post-sorting in operation, installation of new sawing line in autumn 2021
9 Binderholz St. Georgen 2nd production line under construction (multi-layer panels)
10 Binderholz Oberrot/DE new sawing line in operation
11 Binderholz Enfield/US new start of the sawmill scheduled for January 2022
12 Binderholz Live Oak/US shift operation since March 22, 2021
13 Binderholz Polen new construction of sawmill/CLT plant – postponed until further notice
14 Blumer Lehmann  Großenlüder/DE production of elements for modular constructions
15 Bullinger Abtsgmünd/DE new glulam line
16 Cordes Holz Bremerhaven/DE glulam/solid structural timber production, € 50 million investment
17 Eschelmüller Rothfarn/AT another glulam beam plant; planned start in 2021/2022
18 GELO Timber Wunsiedel/DE sawmill, planned cutting: 350,000 m³/yr, start in February 2021
19 Gemson Rangersdorf  start-up of CNC machine, expansion of company premises; some solid structural timber, mini glulam, € 8 to 10 million
20 Gutex  Waldshut-Tiengen/DE € 100 million investment in wood fiber board production
21 Säge Handlos Summerau Summerau/AT sawmill, possible cutting volume: 120,000 m³/yr in one shift
22 Hasslacher Malaya Vishera/RU cutting raised from 200,000 m³/yr to 400,000 m³/yr; additional 50,000 m³ of glued timber products mostly for export to overseas markets
23 Holzbauwerk Schwarzwald Seewald-Besenfeld/DE joint CLT project with 35,000 m³; start in autumn 2022; involved companies: Sägewerk Echtle (Nordrach), Kübler Holzwerk (Haiterbach) and Sägewerk Streit (Hausach)
24 Holzwerke Ladenburger Bopfingen/DE For € 15 million, up to 45,000 m³ of glued products are to be produced from 2022.
25 Homanit Losheim am See/DE Homanit group subsidiary orders complete THDF plant from Dieffenbacher
26 HS Timber Kodersdorf/DE new start of glulam production: start of construction in 2021
27 HS Timber Svisloch/BY 500,000 m³/yr (pine, spruce) to be cut in the first expansion stage, completion expected in spring 2022
28 Kaml & Huber  Mariazell/AT autumn 2021, start of new larch sawmill, € 8 million investment
29 Mayr-Melnhof Holz Leoben/AT CLT production, max. capacity 140,000 m³/yr; € 130 million investment
30 Mayr-Melnhof Holz Leoben/AT modernization of sawmill for around € 60 million
31 Mercer Stendal/DE sawmill of unknown capacity announced
32 Pfeifer Holz Kundl/AT modernization of sawmill, construction works since 2020
33 Pfeifer Holz Schlitz/DE CLT production; planned increase in capacity to 100,000 m³/yr from May 2021
34 Pfeifer Holz Imst/AT expansion of finger-jointing line for glulam production; start-up of new line in February 2021
35 Rettenmeier Holding Wilburgstetten/DE sawmill, one-shift capacity: 500,000 m³/yr; pellets; planned start of sawing line on April 1
36 Rettenmeier Holding Hirschberg/DE glulam production; planned capacity: 60,000 m³/yr; planned start in 2021
37 Rettenmeier Holding Ramstein/DE pellet production; planned capacity: 120,000 t/yr; planned start in 2021
38 Ruhdorfer Straßburg/AT new solid structural timber production
39 Schrage-Holz Olpe/DE fire in April 2020, sawmill not to be rebuilt, solid structural timber production planned instead, production to be started up at the end of 2021
40 Schwarzwald Holzbausysteme (SBS) Friesenheim/DE start of CLT production in 2021
41 Steico Feldkirchen bei München/DE creation of new production capacities for wood fiber insulations boards with over 1.5 million m³/yr
42 Stora Enso Ybbs/AT glulam; possible capacity: 60,000 m³/yr
43 Stora Enso Ždírec/CZE new CLT plant, € 80 million, 120,000 m³/yr
44 Tschopp Buttisholz/CH construction of new sawmill, start-up in 2023
45 van Roje Oberhonnefeld-Gierend/DE CLT production, start in Q1 2022
46 Wibeba Wieselburg Wieselburg/AT new log yard started up in Wieselburg in February 2021, negotiation on twelve additional drying chambers and two vapor chambers
47 Wibeba Hungary Rönök/HU block bandsaw sawmill in Hungary; pressing line for laminating solid wood panels with HDF and veneers; start-up in April 2021
48 Ziegler Group Global Bärnau/DE  fiber insulation board plant; 500,000 m³/yr; € 85 million
49 Ziegler Group Global Pressath/DE € 25.5 million investment in new pellet plant; start in Q3 2021
50 Ziegler Group Global Tirschenreuth/DE two CLT production lines with a capacity of 75,000 m³/yr; one house production line for up to 3,000 houses a year