Less softwood lumber imported

Article by Philipp Matzku, translated by Susanne Höfler | 02.12.2019 - 16:20

With a total of 4.6 million m³, Japan imported 5% less softwood lumber from January to October compared to the same period last year. Canada supplied 1.2 million m³ which was 20% less than in 2018. Deliveries from Russia on the other hand increased by +7% to 768,000 m³. Softwood lumber imports from Finland dropped 4% to 745,000 m³.

Austrian deliveries remained almost stable compared to the same period last year: 271,000 m³ equal a decline by -1%. Significant increases in terms of percentage were registered for softwood lumber imports from Romania (166,000; +10%), Latvia (105,800 m³; +15%) and Czech Republic (104,000 m³; +35%), as Statistics of Japan reports.

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