Production manager Per Andersson demonstrates the optimisation process. © Dinah Urban
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Part of a greater whole

Article by Dinah Urban (translated by Eva Guzely) | 27.12.2017 - 09:13

The customised Linck sawing line was installed in 2013 and has been a vital part of Derome ever since. © Alexander Klingler

Each year, the Derome Group uses 600,000 cubic metres of spruce logs to produce sawn timber, KVH, construction, garden and planed timber as well as complete elements and prefabricated houses. The production of such a wide range of products and high processing depth is possible thanks to a Linck sawing line, which has been installed in 2013. It has been tailored to the narrow industrial hall in the Swedish town of Derome and enables the company to optimise yield in the cutting process through its curve sawing technology and its precision in calculating and moving. “In order to be profitable, it is crucial to make use of every single centimetre of a log when producing wood products”, says Per Andersson, production manager at Derome Timber. “The growth of the construction sector is also a motor for our sales. Our main markets are Sweden and Great Britain. So far, we have not felt any negative effects linked to the Brexit”, he adds. Derome Timber supplies construction elements to the group’s prefabricated house production as well as to other construction companies and markets.

Efficiency and quality go hand in hand

A visit of the factory grounds reveals: Not only does the company make the most use of every log, but also of every metre in the industrial halls and warehouses. Both efficiency and quality have priority, a philosophy that pays off according to Andersson: “We are the market leader in the sale as well as in the quality of several of our products, especially of construction timber.” At the same time, everything is kept in order and the employees are remarkably cheerful. “I don’t know whether it is the Swedish mentality, our current business situation or the Christmas time”, says Andersson with a smile. Surely, the company’s flat hierarchy and a corporate philosophy based on fairness contribute to employee satisfaction.

A further increase of processing depth in 2018


Per Andersson in front of a chart of the Linck sawing line.
© Dinah Urban

A wide product range involves a profound knowledge of the market on which Derome Timber relies when making investments. “We have noticed a growing demand for finished and impregnated products, for example for facades or gardens”, the production manager tells us. “Dried products are also increasingly popular.” For this reason, the company will make some changes in 2018. The wood drying kilns will be expanded and one of the industrial halls will be adapted for the coating of external claddings, connecting elements and other products for the Swedish market.

The rising demand for certified wood products is also taken into account. “We produce as much PEFC-certified wood as is ordered. This means that there is no loss of productivity because we are able to process a number of orders at the same time”, explains Anderson. Due to heavy rains in the winter, a certain scarcity of logs can be noticed in Sweden, but as of yet he is not worried.