Log and sawn timber prices up in February

Article by Günther Jauk (translated by Eva Guzely) | 15.04.2020 - 10:08

In February, the log price index was at 108.8% (base 100% = January 2001). This corresponds to a 1.6 point increase compared to the value recorded in January. Thus, the index continues its upward trend which started in August 2019. Year on year, however, the log price index fell by 4.5%.

The sawn timber price index saw a slight month-on-month increase in February. It rose by 1 point to 114.6%. Compared to February 2019, the index value decreased by 12.2 points.

Data are collected by the Timber Industry Association. You can find the development of price indices since 2001 in our Datacube.