China's roundwood imports increased in 2018

Article by Ulrike Knaus, translated by Susanne Höfler | 09.04.2019 - 13:22

Japan, Poland, Chile and South Africa increased their delivered volumes to China. In the past five years, import volumes from Russia and Canada dropped while Australia and New Zealand were able to expand their market shares. New Zealand achieved a boost of 44% on its total import volume. Pine wood imports from Uruguay over the past few years increased enormously.

In 2016 it was still a few thousand solid cubic meters. By 2018, Uruguay was exporting 2.5 million sm³. Japan tripled its deliveries to China from just above 300,000 sm³ in 2014 to almost 1 million sm³ in 2018, according to Wood Resource Quarterly (WRQ). 

The average timber import price lost 3% from the Q3 to the Q4 of 2018 which was mainly due to low wood prices from New Zealand and the United States. The total import price, however, increased over the last years.