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Pellet price reaches €683/t

Article by Philipp Matzku (adapted for; translated by Eva Guzely) | 18.08.2022 - 09:39

At €683/t (purchase of 6 t), the pellet price is €450/t higher in August than it was in the same month of last year. In August 2021, wood pellets cost €232/t in Germany. Thus, a year-on-year increase of 194% was recorded. Two months ago, buyers paid €432/t. In the first four months, pellets always cost around €370/t and in May, the pellet price came close to the €400/t-mark. In July, €508/t were reached (+34%).

With a purchase of 26 t, the German pellet price more than tripled compared to the two previous years, reaching €669/t in August. This is according to the German Pellets Institute (DEPI). In August 2020, pellets cost €209/t (+221%) and last year, buyers paid €220/t (+204%). Compared to July 2022, the pellet price has increased by 37%. Since the beginning of the year (January 2022: €350/t), it has nearly doubled (+91%).

When looking at the various regions, one can see that wood pellets are the cheapest in the south (€676/t, purchase of 6 t). Central Germany (€680/t) and the northeast of the country (€714/t) follow in second and third place, respectively.