Germany producer price index 1976 – 08/2021; red: softwood lumber, blue: plastic, green: fresh concrete, pink: pig iron; Source: Destatis © holzkurier.com

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Wood price higher than those of other building materials

Article by Philipp Matzku (translated by Eva Guzely) | 05.10.2021 - 10:17

Holzkurier calculated the building material price indices of softwood lumber, pig iron, fresh concrete and plastic, which are published monthly by Destatis, going back to January 1976.

Already in May, all building materials, with the exception of pig iron, had reached record highs. The lumber price saw its biggest increase already before the summer. However, fresh concrete and pig iron prices were always rising more sharply, as the Holzkurier reported before.

The prices of all building materials have been rising since the summer of 2020. The lumber and pig iron price indices have seen the most marked increases with around 200 and 100 percentage points, respectively, followed by plastic with around 30 percentage points and fresh concrete with only a slightly positive trend compared to the other building materials.

Since early 1982, the price index of fresh concrete was almost always above those of the other three building materials. The only exceptions were the period April to December 2008 and May 2007, when the price of pig iron was higher, and then kept falling sharpy until the end of 2009.