Lumber Liquidators to pay US-$ 10 million for illegal timber

Article by Hannes Plackner, translated by Susanne Höfler | 09.10.2015 - 08:38
US timber trading chain Lumber Liquidators agreed to a settlement with the US Department of Justice. The authorities have been investigating a violation of the Lacey Act that prohibits putting illegal timber into circulation. According to the Natural Resources Division of the Department of Justice, Lumber Liquidators distributed floorings made from timber that was harvested above the allowable cutting capacity. This affected mainly hardwood timber from Eastern Russia.

Lumber Liquidators pled guilty in an out-of-court settlement and agreed to pay a fine of US-$ 10 million (€ 8.85 million). In addition, the timber trading enterprise will adjust its compliance regulations to prevent further violations of the Lacey Act, as stated in a press release issued by the company.