Most pessimistic expectations in constructions in twelve years

Article by Ulrike Knaus (adapted for; translated by Eva Guzely) | 16.04.2020 - 09:50

BauInfoConsult’s annual Spring survey, which was carried out among decision makers of the building material industry through online interviews in February and early March, showed the most positive sales expectations in twelve years. 84% of producers expected an increase in their companies’ sales in 2020. Given a construction sector, which had full order books at the beginning of the year and which was under high pressure when it comes to capacities, not a single producer of building materials voiced negative expectations regarding sales at the time.

Then, however, the coronavirus hit the world with all subsequent restrictions. A follow-up survey conducted by BauInfoConsult in early April showed the exact opposite: the most pessimistic expectations of the sector in twelve years.

Only 13% of interviewees expect an increase in sales. Less than one in ten building material producers hope for a mere slowdown. 75% of producers expect a decrease. Since the construction sector is still living off the previous boom in orders, crafts are allowed to continue working even during the lockdown and supply chains in the mostly national construction industry still work so far, at least one third of building material producers are only partly pessimistic and expect decreases of up to 5%. One fifth of producers, on the other hand, fear that there will be double-digit losses.