Production as planned, daily evaluation of the situation

Article by Gerd Ebner (translated by Eva Guzely) | 19.03.2020 - 10:48

Five questions

1. Are the repercussions of the corona-measures on your sector already predictable?

Since the situation keeps changing every day, the actual impact is difficult to assess. Also, forecasts by economics experts still vary quite a lot. We have to wait and see what is going to happen in the coming days and weeks – in Europe and on a global level.

2. What could the best case/worst case be like?

I think the measures taken by the government are very good. Even though there are restrictions at the moment, they are going to help the economy to bounce back from the crisis faster. All governments are dedicated to keeping up work in companies and the flow of goods. Of course, in a situation like this, this can work only in a restricted way. However, I don’t think there will be a standstill.

3. What is currently the main problem according to you?

At the moment, protecting our employees is the most important thing. In general, safety and health have top priority in these days, too. Numerous measures and instructions have been elaborated in order to keep infections away from our sites, and in the case of an infection, to be able to react quickly and isolate the surroundings. As to business, cross-border transport is currently the biggest challenge.

4. Have you stopped planned investments/takeovers? If so, which ones?

There are problems with the availability of international specialists and technicians due to limitations in travel and partly also with the supply of materials. In general, however, we continue working on our projects as planned.

5. Did your company reduce production/business activities and if so, to what extent?

At the moment, production continues as planned at our sites. However, there is a daily evaluation of the situation, and of course we prepare further measures which we might have to implement quickly, should the current situation last longer.


Answers are as of 17 March