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For the upcoming half year, I expect roundwood prices to ...
turquoise: increase 2% | yellow: remain stable 21% | red: sink 75% ©

Economic barometer for forestry

Forestry expects losses in sales

Article by Günther Jauk, translated by Susanne Höfler | 05.05.2019 - 18:27

In the upcoming six months, Austrian and German roundwood prices will probably drop. This is what at least three quarters of forestry enterprises surveyed by Timber-Online anticipate. 21% expect roundwood prices to remain "stable" while 2% predict "increasing" prices. A year ago, still almost 40% were expecting increasing sales prices.

Little change, however, is expected for the costs of wood harvesting and transport. As for wood transport, 21% of respondents anticipate "increasing" and 77% "stable" costs. None of the surveyed companies expect sinking roundwood transport costs. As regards timber harvest, 38% reckon that values will "increase", 59% expect them to remain "stable" and 2% foresee "sinking" values.

Business situation is deteriorating

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For the upcoming half year, I expect the business situation of my forestry enterprise - according to the season - to undergo ...
turquoise: good development 2% | yellow: satisfying development 23% | red: poor development 68% ©

The development of expectations concerning sales and business situation is analogous to roundwood prices. The majority still evaluates the business situation of the past six months as "satisfying". Until autumn, however, 68% expect a "poor development" of these global mood variables. 23% forecast "satisfying" and 2% "good development". In the same quarter last year it was still over 50% of respondents anticipating "satisfying development". The projection for sales development paints similar picture. 66% expect "declining" revenues.