"Lots of work needs to be done before the next drought"

Article by Robert Spannlang, translated by Susanne Höfler | 11.04.2019 - 12:10

Apart from the confirmed financial aid from the government, this especially encompasses a simplification of the application procedure for drought-related assistance, the introduction of a central damage monitoring as well as fiscal relief for forest owners who have to absorb the reforestation of cleared areas and the absence of fresh softwood cuttings.

In the face of dried up trees, destroyed saplings and heavy pest infestation, forest owners are highly alarmed, a press release from the consortium states. The mild winter in combination with the currently warm temperatures give rise to fear of another explosive multiplication of parasites. According to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, the damaged wood volume of 2018 reached around 32.4 million sm³ in the entire country. "Our forests are on red alert. There are several points that call for urgent action in order to enable forest owners to stabilize their forests before the next drought," von der Marwitz warned.

In the upcoming five years, the government wants to allocate €25 million for the stabilization of forests.