2019: A good year for the pallet sector

Article by Ulrike Knaus (adapted for; translated by Eva Guzely) | 05.06.2020 - 09:39

In 2019, 110.6 million pallets were produced in Germany © HPE/Statistisches Bundesamt

The member companies of the German wood packaging, pallet and export packaging association (HPE) look back on a stable business year 2019.

It is not yet clear which repercussions the corona pandemic will have on the market development. “We have to assume that the decreases recorded in some sectors due to COVID-19 will continue after the crisis. An immediate return to pre-crisis conditions is unrealistic. The social and economic disruptions are also going to bring about long-lasting changes for everyone,” commented HPE manager Marcus Kirschner.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, pallet production missed the best year so far (2018 with 111 million produced pallets) only by a hair’s breadth. In 2019, HPE members produced 110.6 million pallets. The production value fell disproportionately by 1.1%. Additionally, the overall German pallet market, adjusted for foreign trade, shrunk by 2.1% to a total of 143.6 million pallets. As to pallet imports, a marked decrease of 15.3% to 62.5 million can be observed according to HPE.

German pallet exports fell by around 21% to 32.5 million pieces. As HPE informs, Germany is still an attractive market for importers because the overall market of 2019 and a German demand of 140.6 million pallets could not be satisfied with the country’s own production alone. “The figures prove that German pallet producers could profit more strongly in terms of quantities than importers. This is thanks to their high degree of individualization and the ability to supply goods fast,” says Kirschner with regard to developments on the pallet market.