For the CO2 neutral laboratory at the University of Nottingham, Binderholz supplied more than 1400 m³ of cross-laminated timber BBS ©


Building material of the future ...

Article by Günther Jauk, translated by Susanne Höfler | 13.12.2018 - 13:12

"The GSK", a building at the University of Nottingham, is considered the first CO2 neutral laboratory for sustainable chemistry in Great Britain. It is the first project in the higher education sector that received both the highest award of British sustainability certificate BREEAM as well as environment certificate LEED at the same time. 

Research activities are aiming at the highest "clean and green" standards to minimize environmental impact and guarantee that innovative chemistry developments are both energy and resource-efficient as well as sustainable. This focus on sustainability is also reflected in the building itself which will remain CO2 neutral throughout its entire operational lifetime thanks to the integration of new technologies.

1320 m³ of cross-laminated timber by Binderholz (BBS) can be found in the building. The material was used for wall as well as roof and ceiling elements. 

Furthermore, the laboratory encompasses renewable technologies and photovoltaic panels integrated into the roof structure which allows for an estimated production of over 200,000 kWh per year. The energy required for operation is covered by renewable sources like solar energy and biomass.

Cross-laminated timber ready for school


For the annex at Holztechnikum Kuchl, Binderholz supplied 660 m³ of cross-laminated timber BBS.

Also, the sustainable construction method of Holztechnikum Kuchl significantly contributes to climate protection. Due to the highly insulated characteristics of all exterior components, the building's construction is energy-efficient. The new school building reaches a heating energy demand of 24 kWh/m2a lowest energy standard. The school offers a combination of wood/technology, economy and languages that is unique in Europe. The Austrian timber industry ensures training quality by co-financing the new school building.

At the end of 2016, the building was expanded and class, group and functional rooms were completely renovated. Binderholz used a total of 86 m³ of glulam and 660 m³ of cross-laminated timber in the building. Ceilings and CLT walls in teaching rooms have visual quality. Even the staircase is made from cantilever solid wood step treads. Acoustic panels in the ceiling areas and loden-covered pinboards on the walls provide for optimal room acoustics. By installing two groundwater heat pumps, the integrated underfloor heating can be used for cooling in the warm months if necessary. 

The facades are a closed, rear-ventilated wood facade on the one hand and an open, rear-ventilated lamella facade from wood on the other hand. Here, 17.5 m³ of profiled wood for facade slats were used. Apart from free sports, group work and common rooms, the concept for the new school also provides room for open teaching forms in multiple classes.

Here you can download the German PDF of the CLT special issue 2018:

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