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Timber construction companies remain satisfied

Article by Günther Jauk, translated by Susanne Höfler | 24.07.2019 - 13:00
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Expected order situation for timber construction, 2Q 2019: Our order situation in the previous quarter was ... good 73% (turquoise) | satisfying 17% (yellow) | bad 10% (red)   © Timber-Online

Since the economic barometer for timber construction was started, Austrian and German timber construction companies have been mostly satisfied. Currently, 73% evaluate the order situation of the previous quarter as "good", 17% as "satisfying" and 10% as "bad". The share of those who did not specify their current assessment of certain issues and questions has been unusually high in the current survey.

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Expected price development for timber construction, 2Q 2019: I expect prices for timber construction products in the upcoming quarter to ... | increase 47% (turquoise) | stagnate 45% (yellow) | sink 7% (red) © Timber-Online

For the current quarter, the majority (70%) expect "no change" of the order situation. 27% expect an "improvement" and 3% "deterioration". With regards to multi-story timber constructions, 30% expect the order situation to "improve". 43% anticipate "no change" and 3% foresee a "deterioration" of the situation (no assessment: 24 %). In the one- and two-family house construction sector, 15% expect an "improvement", 60% "no change" and 13% a "deterioration". One third of timber construction companies thinks that the order situation in the fields of restructuring/renovation/annexes/story additions/expansions will improve. 43% in this sector expect "no change" and 8% a "deterioration" (no assessment: 16 %). When it comes to material costs, 47% anticipate a price increase for timber construction products. 45% reckon that prices will "stagnate" and 7% said "deteriorate".